Context: Villa Sisters is an international real estate group that aimed to generate a high volume of leads at a cost between 5,000 and 15,000 COP. Up to this point, they had managed to reach 300 leads at a cost of 18,000.

Action: I created several awareness campaigns, optimized the lead generation campaigns, and connected them to ActiveCampaign to track leads through CRM and automated emails. In the campaigns, I expanded the audience for awareness campaigns, which generated more accurate audiences for lead generation campaigns. Additionally, I created custom audiences from previous client databases and performed manual segmentation based on interests and behaviors.


  • We achieved +600 leads within the first month, reducing the cost from $26,000 COP to $11,000 COP.
  • We increased the appointment rate through follow-ups and the number of scheduled appointments by improving the quality of leads.
  • We achieved monthly sales exceeding $40,000 USD by investing only 5% of the generated profit.

Additionally I created a looker dashboard to follow the performance, you can access here: https://lookerstudio.google.com/reporting/53616bce-c8c5-4902-8c51-dd1536eba61d